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Kupuna Work is a new initiative sponsored by the Kupuna Education Center of Kapiolani Community College focusing on the opportunities for meaningful engagement and/or work in one’s later years. Services are offered to individuals, couples, employers and unions.



Older adults represent a growing resource in Hawai’i for employers, nonprofit organizations, schools and other community groups.

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Kupuna Work offers resources for employers and/or unions for assisting pre-retirees and current retirees in planning beyond their pension or health insurance benefits. Areas explored include options for work continuation, volunteering, going back to school, life planning with your spouse and how to remain active and engaged in life.

Kupuna Work can assist employers to develop best practices for their organization on how to create policies, procedures and a work culture that not only works for older adults but for all generations.
Fortunately, older adults are expressing the desire to work and/or volunteer but they are also interested in more flexibility in work hours, working conditions and in the type of work they do whether it is for a private employer, nonprofits or a community group.
Complimentary 1-hour introductory sessions for employees are offered on site or other preferred locations
More comprehensive workshops, customized training and consultations are also provided

Eighty-five percent of the executives surveyed have no formal programs in place to respond to the aging of the workforce. (Center for Aging and Work)

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Kupuna Work believes many older adults in Hawai’i want to be engaged in paid and/or unpaid work as they age. Recent surveys of older adults indicate that individuals want to work in their later years for a variety of reasons including the need for additional income, interest in starting a new business, re-careering into a different profession, access to health insurance and/or the desire to make a difference in their community or beyond.

Mature workers will make up virtually all the job growth in the coming years due to longer age spans, an aging Boomer population and a challenging economy. (Pew Research)

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Kupuna Work offers resources to assist 50+ individuals assess and discover their current interests and passions through training, classes, and workshops to develop new skills and capabilities. These offerings are designed to respond to the question of “What’s Next?” and to design a plan for work after work. Every effort is made to link individuals to other community resources that may be of benefit as well.
Learn about our Career Transitions for Boomers workshop at KCC
Assessment and/or coaching are also available on an individualized basis

- Who We Are -

Kupuna Work is coordinated by Jay C. Bloom working through the Kapiolani Community College’s Kupuna Education Center. Mr. Bloom has over 25 years experience as an executive coach as well as 35 years senior management experience. His Consulting Firm Bloom Anew serves clients in Hawaii, Oregon and other mainland states.
The Kupuna Education Center at Kapi’olani Community College is dedicated toward addressing the needs and issues facing older adults with practical and affordable training. See our active aging classes page for more information.

If you have any questions about Kupuna Work, please call us at (808)734-9469 or email us at cullen@hawaii.edu

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